PRG – Projects as part of Dallas based R&D team

Much of Nigels experience has been gained from many years of full-time employment as an R&D engineer in the entertainement lighting industry, initially with Light & Sound Design in Birmingham, then later with PRG.

PRG is a global company, providing specialist services across almost every sector of the entertainment industry, to many of the world’s most prestigious clients.

When PRG acquired VLPS, a major competitor company, Nigel became part of a much larger R&D team and subsequently spent the next 10 years or so working on numerous high-end proprietary stage lighting products in collaboration with PRG’s Dallas based R&D team.

Although obviously no longer a full-time employee, Nigel still works regularly with many former colleagues and clients within the industry, both directly and on a third-party sub-contract basis.

Click below for some examples of work undertaken during this period.