Disney Search Lights

disneyimageLight & Sound Design was commissioned to design and build 30 Automated Search Lights for the Kilimanjaro Safari Tour attraction at Disney’s Wild Animal Kingdom Theme Park in Florida.
The lights were mounted one to each Tour Bus and were used to highlight animals at night during certain parts of the tour. Given the rough terrain involved, the buses were inclined to jolt around sharply, so the lights needed to be extremely rugged. Also, this being an outdoor attraction, they had to be completely weather-proof.

Rather than design a totally unique product from scratch, it was decided that the fixture would be a modified version of the existing Icon WashLight™, a product that Nigel was heavily involved in developing prior to this time.

Nigel was responsible for the entire mechanical design and manufacturing process, liaising with the Disney ‘Imagineering’ team in Florida, producing and demonstrating prototypes, creating CAD documentation and over-seeing final production.

Nigel says – This was a fun project for a very prestigious client, plus it was fascinating to see what really goes on behind the scenes at this type of venue.