Low-Cost Digital Media Server

A long-standing associate and colleague asked me to help with the development of a low-cost but highly featured Media Server for the entertainment, retail and hospitality markets, which provides generation of and control over high definition images and videos through just 12 channels of industry standard DMX-512.

This low-cost, compact product provides lighting & video designers with a fine level of practical control, which previously could only be achieved through the rental or purchase of extremely expensive media server products. Whilst these more expensive products offer a greater level of power and flexibility, their level of sophistication would often not be required, whereas the Image Cue product would be a far more practical and cost-effective solution. The product won ”Members Choice Award” at the industry body ”PLASA” exhibition 2015.

My involvement was to devise the physical layout of all necessary internal components, design the 2-part injection moulded enclosure from scratch, design all the associated mounting and connection hardware, plus provide all necessary 3D files and 2D drawings for both manufacturing and support documentation.

To see more go to: www.imagecue.lighting/index.php/en/