Icon M – Digital Automated Luminaire

icon_mWidely acknowledged in the lighting industry as a pioneering product, Icon-M was the first purpose built Automated Stage Light to utilise digital projection technology, rather than the traditional mechanical techniques typical of most stage lights, even today.
At the heart of the fixture was a Texas Instruments Digital Micromirror Device, the same device used in modern DLP projectors. At the time, digital projection was in its infancy, so this was a leap into the unknown and needed an enormous R&D investment to get the product up and running. It required a complex optical system and a host of associated supporting hardware and features for it to work effectively as a stage light (as opposed to just a projector). Quite a number of patents were acquired along the way, demonstrating the unique challenges involved.

Nigel was the principle mechanical design engineer for the project, responsible for the overall mechanical design and over-seeing a team of engineers, steering their efforts towards a common but frequently shifting goal. The project also involved visiting and liaising on design with various specialist manufacturing partners around the globe.

Nigel says
This was a very challenging and inspiring project to work on, which often required a pragmatic approach to problem solving and certainly stretched the capabilities of everybody involved.