Guitar Tremelo System & Associated Hardware

Jeremy J. Lewis Guitars is a company committed to the design and manufacture of high-end instruments for uncompromising and discerning musicians. The first model in the range, now available to buy, is a stunningly beautiful and innovative instrument. To be involved with a project such as this has been both a challenge and a privilege and I feel fortunate to have been given the chance to exercise my creative design capabilities to the full, with less of the usual cost and design constraints necessary to most other projects.

My initial involvement was on the design of the linear tremolo system. One of the reasons I was commissioned to do this work is that I used to play guitar in my younger days. Although I no longer have any active involvement in music, it is something that I once took very seriously, so my playing experience and prior knowledge of the subject were of great benefit from the start. Jeremy needed the tremolo system to offer a fine level of control for the player, to be ergonomic and comfortable to use, but also to be sleek, attractive and enhance the overall aesthetic of the instrument.

The strings are retained, complete with ball-ends via the hollow fine-tuners and then clamped directly behind the saddles. The strings are also locked at the opposite end by means of a custom designed locking nut device, also my own design. The entire bridge assembly moves via vertical flexures and is directly connected to the deep resonance of the guitar via the titanium acoustic chassis, which is embedded in the wood and runs almost the entire length of the guitar. The tremolo arm itself is adjustable for ‘feel’ (or spring resistance), a feature unique to this product. The normally ‘floating’ tremolo bridge can also be locked in either ‘full fixed’ or ‘back-stop only’ modes by means of a discreet but instantly accessible selector switch. Many aspects of this tremolo system, known as ‘The Atlantic Bridge’, are now the subject of an extensive patent application.

Although my initial brief was just for the design of the tremolo solution, my involvement has gone far beyond this. I have been fully engaged in developing the overall shape of the one-piece body and neck, as well as the design and refinement of all other custom hardware, necessary to forming the complete instrument. During the course of the development, I have also been required to produce many photo-realistic renders of the complete guitar in various finishes for promotional purposes.

Although only recently released, the product has received a great deal of attention from both amateur and professional musicians across the globe, as well as some highly respected and well known guitarists.

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