Nigel Evans

Nigel works as a freelance design/CAD engineer and has over 25 years’ experience in the entertainment lighting industry. Over the years he has been heavily involved in the detailed mechanical design of numerous proprietary products, both as a full time employee and, more recently, as a freelance engineer. Projects include the Light & Sound Design ‘Icon’, ‘Icon Washlight’ and ‘Icon-M’ Luminaires, as well as the PRG ‘Badboy’, ‘Bestboy 4000’ and ‘Bestboy Wash’ Luminaires.

In addition to lighting fixture design he has worked on various special one-off, bespoke engineering products for stage, TV and theatre. His work encompasses a broad spectrum of projects, from Media Scrollers, power & data distribution, consoles, right through to special effects and stage centre-pieces.

The portfolio pages of this website will give a flavour of the type of projects he has been involved with.

Design Engineering concept to production
3D CAD modelling & drafting services
Photo-realistic renders and visuals
25+ years’ experience in mechanical design, particularly in the fields of entertainment lighting, theatrical products and associated industries
Experience in the design of motor driven assemblies (linear, rotary, indexing), plastic mouldings, sheet-metal, machined & cast components
One-off bespoke projects to clients’ specific requirements
Hands-on practical engineering skills – prototype assembly, testing, project management
If it needs designing, visualising, drawing, prototyping, manufacturing, maybe he can help……